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Our Story

Magic Maker Solutions is proud to provide you with a unique experience in effective operations management and organizational efficiency. We've followed and implemented home, design, and retail trends for more than 25 years through observation and extensive experience. We're passionate about doing what's best for people, pocketbooks, and our planet with your personal preferences and future needs in mind. 

Thank you for allowing Magic Maker Solutions to be part of your personal and professional family…it is truly our absolute pleasure.

More About Amy
I’ve always enjoyed making a difference in others’ lives and making the most out of mine.

I was a local television producer in three markets. At the same time, I developed an interest and a wealth of experience in operations. It was my job to make sure store renovations, holiday seasons, physical inventories, pilot programs, and new initiatives went smoothly at stores including Crate & Barrel/CB2 and Papyrus.

On the side, I assisted a handful of other retailers with special projects and took on requests asking for help in getting organized, a job done, or opinions on what to buy. I’ve also experienced major life events simultaneously and am fortunate to have built quality relationships with people from all walks of life.

Wishing you all the best,

Amy M. O’Donnell
Founder/CEO & Main Magic Maker

Picture of Founder/CEO Amy O'Donnell
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