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"I had a challenging estate to manage, including shipping heirlooms to family, sorting through household items to decide whether to sell, donate or dump, and coordinating with vendors. Amy stepped in to create calm in the chaos. Her connections to vendors and cheerful approach to the mountain of work really helped make an overwhelming set of tasks become doable. She had excellent suggestions and demonstrated conscientious professionalism in all of her communications with the various parties involved in the process. I strongly recommend her services."

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handwritten note card from client to Amy dated 10-1-14 saying thank you for your magic! I appreciate all the hard work and encouragement you gave me during this move.  You are so great, and I wish you the best!

We could not recommend Amy and her company Magic Maker Solutions any higher to anyone with a challenge, large or small. Amy totally prepares the homeowner for what is needed to achieve a short- or long-range move and, more importantly, gets it done on time and effectively.


Over a 2 year period, my husband and I worked with Amy to empty a family home filled with 35 years of goods and then relocate us to a temporary home, to various other family homes, and then to a new home one year later.


In summary, our family move involved hours of collegial planning with Amy and her team. Amy was always available, very knowledgeable, patient, and always extremely well organized in execution and getting home valuables and goods moved to seven different family/kids homes, multiple charities, auction houses and two extra storage facilities in a distant area efficiently and most cost-effectively. 


AND, once all the goods were safe in their intended location, Amy was there again to plan, organize, and execute tirelessly to place them in a new home to perfection.

I won a session with Amy in a silent auction for an awesome organization called Everyone Home DC -- so first of all, it's amazing that Amy donated her time in that way!  But truly, it was such an incredible gift to have her come and organize the first floor of our home.  She listened to what I like and don't like about our home, came up with ideas to improve the situation, listened to my feedback, and then implemented it all on her own -- everything from moving shelves around to reorganizing and shifting items around to sweeping things up and more.  We love the new organization -- aesthetically and practically -- and will absolutely be tapping Amy the next time we feel the need for some change somewhere in our home.  Thank you so much!

handwritten note from client to Amy saying thank you so much!!! We could not have moved without you.  We appreciate your help.  Let us know if you need testimonials.  XO
Handwritten note from client to Amy

“I just wanted to say thank you. I have a great feeling of weight being lifted and am so relaxed to come home to an empty corner and more organized closet. I love that you also talked me through what you were doing so I know how to keep organized moving forward. You are great.”

“I loved working with Amy when we moved into our new place. We downsized considerably and didn't know where to start. Amy was a great guide and made it pain-free. I have a child with special needs and the organization she put in place is still helping us keep our space functional to our specific needs.”

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